Welcome to the bzip2-cuda project page

bzip2-cuda is a parallel version of the BZip2 lossless data compression algorithm using NVIDIA's CUDA, with the aim of improving compression / de-compression speed, leaving the compression ratio intact.

The project has a complete first version, but there are issues (no parallel Huffman implementation, slowdowns in BWT and MTF).

Due to prior commitments, neither of us will be working on this project in the near future. However, we will be available for contact and help. We invite developers to fork and take up where we left off!

bzip2-cuda has been tested successfully on Linux i686, CUDA 3.1 and Thrust v1.3.0.

Thrust is a CUDA library of parallel algorithms with an interface resembling the C++ Standard Template Library (STL). It provides a flexible high-level interface for GPU programming that greatly enhances developer productivity.